It’s not you, it’s my illness

YES! This is brilliantly written and so very true. 💜

Finding my Miracle

I wrote this piece a couple of weeks ago and then since it seemed so personal I was hesitant about posting it. Instead, I sent it to The Mighty, because naturally when you’re feeling a bit shy the logical thing to do is expose yourself to an even wider audience. I know it seems a bit counter intuitive, but it felt more anonymous that way. The response I received, though, made it clear that I’m not the only one who feels this way, and since I happen to be feeling this way today, I’ve decided to now share it here.

Loving someone with a chronic illness comes with some extra challenges. Illness is unpredictable, and the important people in our lives understand this. They learn to be flexible and accommodating and we love them for it.

While it might be easy to understand why we’re not always up to going out or carrying…

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If you’re anything like me, you probably get nervous easily and may find yourself feeling anxious more often than not. I don’t mean the supposedly healthy, fight or flight response that nature and/or God designed to spring us into action in the midst of danger to protect us from harm. I mean serious and constant anxiety, which is more of who we are than a symptom, or the acute and sudden terror of panic attacks and the subsequent fear of when or where the next one might strike. Of course, the infinite paradigm of possible scenarios or outcomes for any given situation, would seem utterly insane to someone without this personality type. The irresistible urge to know “why”, “how”, and find out every possible detail about anything we do or topic we discuss likely drove friends, loved ones, and significant others crazy until they finally accepted, if not understood, how our over active minds work. 😉

You may know that social anxiety is linked to a high intelligence or that there’s a neurological correlation between being highly creative and mentally ill but what you may not know is that worrying – and overthinking in particular – has now been linked to creative genius. The pattern here is unmistakable: many of what people consider their worst traits are actually just the shadow sides of their greatest strengths. (What a thing to consider) In light of the latest research, here’s a breakdown of why worrying incites genius – and how maybe you can tap into it yourself.

I love this post! It’s such a great reminder of something that most of us too often forget. 🙂


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There is a great healing that comes along with accepting ourselves just as we are. You are not a compilation of your mistakes. You are the beautiful person inside that is more meaningful to life than you realize.

Once we can do that then we can begin to explore who we can become. We do not have to be entrapped in a perception that because we have not done things in the past that we cannot do them.

Others say things about us. They label us, describe us, talk about us. They tell us what we can do, what we can’t do, what we should do.

They advise us on our careers, families, religious beliefs.  Other people’s opinions can limit us if we choose to believe their perception of us. 
They can  limit our potential.

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Breaking: Disturbing Video of David Stojcevski Dying in Jail Cell over Unpaid Traffic Tickets

This is horrific! I just learned about it today and the more I research and learn about the details of the situation, the more sadness and disgust I feel. I’m also reminded of a serious need for the public to take action when avoidable tragedies of this type occur at the hand of authorities. We have to speak out, share these stories to ensure that our families, friends, and those who read our blogs are aware of incidents which may never reach their local news. I’m not sure what it will take for a true positive change to take place, but I am sure that it will require unity and the hard work of our citizens, standing together to make a difference.

Distract and Conquer

Another victim of the prison industrial complex.  A man who understandably couldn’t pay a $772 ticket fine was jailed in Macomb county, Michigan.  A nurse recommended he be placed in “medical drug detox unit“…however he was placed in a jail cell and then ultimately a mental health cell with 24 hr surveillance.  Stojcevski was seeing a doctor that prescribed medication so he can kick his addiction.  So without his medication, he was suffering from a withdrawal and later died.  This is the most disturbing footage/news story you’ll see.

This is absolutely unacceptable that a man dies over unpaid traffic tickets.  Just another example of what’s wrong with our justice system.  People continue to die over petty violations while murderers, domestic terrorists, and rapists live in prisons.  And no, All Lives Matter people, he did not deserve to die for not paying a ticket.  I know the area he’s…

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