Breaking: Disturbing Video of David Stojcevski Dying in Jail Cell over Unpaid Traffic Tickets

This is horrific! I just learned about it today and the more I research and learn about the details of the situation, the more sadness and disgust I feel. I’m also reminded of a serious need for the public to take action when avoidable tragedies of this type occur at the hand of authorities. We have to speak out, share these stories to ensure that our families, friends, and those who read our blogs are aware of incidents which may never reach their local news. I’m not sure what it will take for a true positive change to take place, but I am sure that it will require unity and the hard work of our citizens, standing together to make a difference.

Distract and Conquer

Another victim of the prison industrial complex.  A man who understandably couldn’t pay a $772 ticket fine was jailed in Macomb county, Michigan.  A nurse recommended he be placed in “medical drug detox unit“…however he was placed in a jail cell and then ultimately a mental health cell with 24 hr surveillance.  Stojcevski was seeing a doctor that prescribed medication so he can kick his addiction.  So without his medication, he was suffering from a withdrawal and later died.  This is the most disturbing footage/news story you’ll see.

This is absolutely unacceptable that a man dies over unpaid traffic tickets.  Just another example of what’s wrong with our justice system.  People continue to die over petty violations while murderers, domestic terrorists, and rapists live in prisons.  And no, All Lives Matter people, he did not deserve to die for not paying a ticket.  I know the area he’s…

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