It’s not you, it’s my illness

YES! This is brilliantly written and so very true. đź’ś

Finding my Miracle

I wrote this piece a couple of weeks ago and then since it seemed so personal I was hesitant about posting it. Instead, I sent it to The Mighty, because naturally when you’re feeling a bit shy the logical thing to do is expose yourself to an even wider audience. I know it seems a bit counter intuitive, but it felt more anonymous that way. The response I received, though, made it clear that I’m not the only one who feels this way, and since I happen to be feeling this way today, I’ve decided to now share it here.

Loving someone with a chronic illness comes with some extra challenges. Illness is unpredictable, and the important people in our lives understand this. They learn to be flexible and accommodating and we love them for it.

While it might be easy to understand why we’re not always up to going out or carrying…

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  1. I am able to relate to this post so closely and it’s helpful to hear someone else may be going through something similar as I am. Although, I never wish this type of chronic illness upon even my worst enemies, it’s good to know we aren’t alone. It’s always been hard for me to express to loved ones how they can’t take it personally when I need my isolation simply because I’m too much in my own head and don’t want other people to see me in such a state.

    Sending you well wishes ❤ and thanks for sharing!

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