Pain In The Neck

I had planned on posting about another topic this week; something useful that I have discovered to help make the work day a little easier, but something happened that has left me basically incapacitated today so I have been in too much pain to spend much time at the keyboard or concentrate long enough to finish the post. This one will probably be short and sweet.  Hopefully I can finish my originally scheduled post sometime later in the week.

When I was getting ready for bed last night I was caught completely off guard by this terrible neck pain that radiated into my shoulder, back, and all the way down my left arm. It was a sharp piercing pain unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  It is similar to the pain that you get with a “crick” in your neck, when you can’t move it a certain direction.  I actually have that too and can’t turn my neck to the left.  I have experienced that part many times before, but the radiating pain into other areas is something completely new to me.  When I woke up today, not only was it still there but it is now affecting my right arm too but the radiating pain in my right arm doesn’t go down as far as it does on the left side.  Continue reading