Seeking Motivation

Attention fellow spoonies!  We are seeking your thoughts, ideas, advice, coping techniques, and wisdom!

We all know that chronic illness and pain (invisible or otherwise) can and will steal endless things from our lives.

Sometimes it can teach us a few positive things as well, such as a different outlook on life, the ability to appreciate the small things, a greater sense of compassion, more empathy for others, a desire to advocate for our ourselves and others, learning to listen to your body, better eating habits, patience, etc. but what chronic illness takes from us often feels like so much more (because the reality for most of us is that it takes WAY more than it gives).

As I have mentioned before, one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching things that it has taken from my life is the ability to look forward to something;  ANYTHING!  This seems to be a recurring theme and problem that I continue to struggle with.

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We have reached our goal of 100 followers!!!

Thank you all for following our story and helping to raise awareness for invisible illness and chronic pain.

I have a lot of ideas and goals to implement throughout the next few months and I’m thankful for our readers and fellow invisible pain warriors who make it all worthwhile.

💙💜Wishing you all a low pain level day 💜💙