Happy Anniversary

Happy belated 7th wedding anniversary to my love, best friend, soul mate, and husband Billy.

Our official anniversary was yesterday, but we BOTH forgot until today. LOL! Anyone who knows me personally will know that I NEVER forget holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. so this is a perfect example of what chronic pain and the subsequent stress, anxiety, and depression that it causes, will do to someone. Continue reading


So you dropped me

Held me by my feet and let me go

I fell between the seat, but nothing broke

I’ve yet to feel that brilliant afterglow

The one I knew of years ago

Now I’m twisted

Twisted from the waist and spun around

Promised only sky but given ground

Realized the makeup is for a clown

The clown I knew of months ago


I only wanted to be somebody

So fucking bad, I came unglued

I only wanted to be somebody

So here we are now, face to face

And I’m fucking you

So you caught me!

Wishing I were better than the rest

You hit me and left bruises on my chest

And when I wouldn’t cheat

I spit upon your test

The test I tore up weeks ago

And now my fist is

My fist is for your face to cock the jaw

When I begin to rise, you start to fall

Now you know how it feels to drop the ball

The ball I threw back days ago


So I’ll just stand right here for now

I should have won, but how?

I break a smart ass grin

Who let the loser win?

Let’s break a smart ass grin

Let’s let the losers win!

Music Monday: Clumsy Card House by Blue October

As a result of my participation in Blogging 201 through The Daily Post’s Blogging University, I have learned about weekly features and have decided to give one a try.  My first weekly feature is going to be one that is most likely fairly popular and used by other bloggers.  Even though it might not be the most original, I really like the idea so I’m going to use it.  I have another idea or two for additional features, but I want to try this one out first to see how everyone likes it.  Please feel free to let me know what you think.

The feature will be called Music Monday.  Every Monday, I will post a song and/or video that I (or my hubby) like for your listening pleasure. Continue reading