Bon Voyage Mom & Dad!!!

Carnival Freedom

Today has been bitter-sweet as my parents arrived in Galveston, TX to sail away on the Carnival Freedom cruise ship for a well-deserved vacation.





I am so grateful that they arrived safely, because they were involved in a minor accident on the drive south near Houston, TX.  Apparently a truck driving in front of them was carrying a large box containing a water heater, which fell off into the highway.  Mom tried to swerve but couldn’t because there were vehicles in the lanes on either side of her car.  They collided with the water heater, which damaged her almost new, beautiful car but thankfully the damage was mostly cosmetic and there were no injuries.

As I’ve likely mentioned before, traveling is one of my passions and going on cruises with my parents have been the best days of my life.  We have been on 3 together and I cherish those memories like no others. Continue reading

Our last family cruise vacation was in 2012. Only 1 month after my last surgery for Endometriosis. It was our 3rd cruise. A whole week on the open sea, with my husband and my parents, visiting some of the most beautiful parts of the world I’ve ever seen.

We booked another cruise the following year, on the largest, most amazing ship so far, but had to cancel due to my hubby’s chronic pain and the mounting medical bills that come with both of our invisible illnesses. That was a heart-breaking choice but one that we had to make.

Our family cruises have been, by far, the best days of my life. I hope and pray that we will be able to cruise again. Having those moments to look forward to are so very important when your lives are filled with the challenges of chronic illness and to anyone for that matter.

I have to believe we will cruise again. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but until we do I will be cherishing the memories of the amazing times we had. ❤

The Travel Voice by Becky

It is no secret that this travel journalist is a fan of cruising. Sometimes it is just me and the hubby, while other times it may be the whole family…either way, it is always the cornerstone for great memories and fantastic value!


Everyone always asks why I love cruising so much, so I compiled a list of the five top reasons why I love to cruise. Sure, there are more, but these characteristics are always common across all fleets.

  1. Value. Cruises offer an all-inclusive vacation adventure with lots of bang for the buck, especially if you cruise during the times of the year when kids are in school. Prices are higher during summer months and holiday seasons when children are on school break, so if you can make it any other time, you are likely to find a BARGAIN! Cruise prices include everything you need to have a great vacation…good food with lots of choices, activities…

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