Fix You by Coldplay

I decided to post this week’s Music Monday song a day early, as I know that tomorrow will be another crazy busy work day and I don’t know if I will have the time or energy to post anything when I get home.  Plus, this song really touched my heart today.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more of a mess than I am right now.  The fear and uncertainty that my husband and I are facing in our lives is overwhelming.  The endless physical, psychological, and emotional pain is suffocating and the weight of it all is almost too much to bear.  I’m pushing back with all of my strength just to keep my head above water but it seems like an infinite battle.  How I’ve managed not to drown already is beyond me.

However, no matter what life throws our way, I know that love, our love and our family’s love, is the light that will guide us home, as it always has, and there is no doubt that we have fixed each other, over and over again and we always will.  ❤

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