How Do I Hate Thee?

Oh Endometriosis, how do I hate thee?  There are countless ways.  Far too many to list.


At the moment, I hate that I am still awake (painsomnia) after midnight on a Sunday night / Monday morning, when I have to be up in only a few short hours to start getting ready for another busy work week.
I worked 50 hours last week, and close to the same the week before, and my body is paying the price. I guess I can’t blame you for that, as I already know my limitations.

My hubby and I are going through some intense stress right now due to situations involving lawyers, the broken disability system, and doctors, which probably isn’t helping my pain levels.
I do thank you for staying away (for the most part) during the past few weeks, when I needed the ability to work and focus, especially since my evil ATN decided to morph into what feels like a migraine, in addition to the typical 24/7 pain that it has so generously provided for the past few years.

You also waited until after my Dad’s birthday dinner yesterday, so I was granted the opportunity to enjoy spending a little quality time with my parents.40c8c0662f5904301ba15b170abadcad

You probably know that I needed to work from home this weekend and I would have appreciated you allowing me the opportunity to do that, but I guess I can’t expect you to stay away forever since we are apparently bound for all eternity.

If I could ask of you one favor, it would be for you to ease up enough for me to get at least a little sleep tonight and make it to work tomorrow.


    • Thank you! I ended up going into work 2 hours late because I couldn’t get my AM pain under control. I was also a bit of a zombie due to lack of sleep but the most important thing is that I DID make it! I even managed to stay an hour late and since I almost always work through lunch anyway, I made up the missed time. I’m still buried in work though and find it extremely difficult to concentrate and think when I’m in this much pain, so I brought even more work home with me this evening. I will be very glad when this month is over and my job returns to normal because I’m not sure how long I can endure all of these extra hours and stress on top of everything else. For now, I am looking at it as a positive distraction, which it really has been in many ways because I do enjoy learning new things and almost always welcome a challenge. I still have a hard time remembering that I have limitations now and pushing myself too hard may backfire with consequences of extra pain and fatigue. 🌼 Fingers crossed for better sleep and less pain for each of us tomorrow. 🌼


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