This is SO true and definitely hits home for me. Depression, severe anxiety, and panic attacks have taken hold of me again and have haunted nearly every minute of the past month or maybe longer. I used to hide it well, with the help of medication and willpower, but those are both failing right now and those around me have finally noticed. They have noticed a change in my physical appearance too, as I can’t maintain a healthy weight and look dangerously thin and sick. It’s strange when your invisible illnesses become visible. I hope we can all push through the pain to enjoy the holiday weekend. 🌼💜🌼

Balancing Spoons

I like to think that I am a pretty happy person. I do my best to look at the silver lining in all situations. I laugh easily. Sometimes too easily. My jokes are corny. Sometimes I snort when I get to laughing too hard. I’m unbelievably ticklish. But even with all of that I suffer from depression. I hide it. Or I used to. Most people don’t know. That’s the way I liked it. Hidden. There’s a stigma that comes with mental illnesses. One that should not be there. A mental illness is an Illness all the same.

My depression stems from my battle with endometriosis. I take medication for it and it’s generally something I can keep at bay. But sometimes, despite my positive outlook and medication, it creeps up on me. It swallows me into a world of doubt. I start focusing on all that is negative and…

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