You Are Not Alone – Offering Support

I know that Infertility Awareness Week has come and gone but when I read the raw emotions described in this post, it was as if I was there feeling them too.

My fellow blogger’s beautiful and painful words seemed so real to me because I WAS there; I AM there; A little piece of my heart will always BE that woman, fiercely grieving, in such unimaginable pain for something she has never experienced and someone she has never met and a part of herself that feels so infinitely broken.  A loss of that magnitude doesn’t fade away.  Perhaps God has a purpose.  My heart will always bear the scars.

💜 I love this beautiful post 💜

From My Plan To His

I have a track record of not being able to stand by and watch someone suffer. While shadowing a nurse when I was in high school I nearly fainted watching a girl with a fractured pelvis get a bed bath because of the pain she was in. My first clinical day in nursing school I had to be hauled out of a room before I passed out watching the patient get an nasogastric tube inserted. I cannot tolerate people hurting.

Watching someone in the midst of infertility grief is hard for me. Part of me wants to run away and pretend that it does not exist, but I cannot. I know it exists; how terrible and lonely it is; and how few people understand the roller coaster. I know how many platitudes are offered by people who have never walked this journey.

I know I am not alone in this…

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