How much stress can a person endure before they start to break; physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically?

With every blessing or moment of progress and hope, it seems as though another pending disaster is on the horizon.

I have thrown myself into exercise lately because it is something I can control. A part of my life that I can reclaim and when I do it, I feel good, in many ways. It has been helping.

Despite that positive change, there are so many things that I cannot control and that is becoming obvious at this moment.

I’ve gone from feeling feeling strong, despite my pain, to feel feeling helpless and scared, once again.

I’m turning to Yoga and Qigong in an attempt to help. Hopefully they can eventually provide an outlet for my anguish so I can meditate through the destruction and ease this feeling of impending doom.

Maybe I will go to Unity Church tomorrow, where I take the Qigong classes. There are some crises and burdens that are to heavy to bear on our own. Sometimes I believe that only that only a higher power can help lift the heavy weight and help us carry it or help carry us when we can no longer carry ourselves.


  1. I’ve been thinking about the same thing lately – too many things out of my control invading my peace of mind. Perhaps tomorrow would be a good day to start building my stamina by walking.. I’d love to find yoga classes near by that I could fit into my schedule.

    Thank you for putting my scrambled thoughts into readable form. ❀

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    • Walking has helped me a lot lately. I’m lucky to have a yoga instructor who comes to our office during the lunch hour on Mondays plus a free class at the library. Some local churches here offer free Yoga and Qigong too which makes it possible for me financially but still difficult fitting it into a busy schedule which is already complicated by pain and fatigue. I’ve got my mind set on integrating those things into my life though. I’ve got to do something.


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