Sunday Fun Day

I am thrilled to report that today was a GOOD day.  Yes, it was completely necessary and appropriate to capitalize every letter in the word “good” and use bold font, because (as my fellow spoonies will understand) days like this can be few and far between.

I woke up to my alarm clock at 9:00 am, which I reluctantly set on a Sunday, because I knew I had plans for the day and without an alarm, I inevitably sleep until well after 12:00 pm and sometimes all day long.

I started my daily routine, beginning with my morning meds and drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes (I know, I know … I am trying to quit and will hopefully succeed soon) while waiting for them to kick in and the worst A.M. pain levels to subside.  Luckily that happened relatively quickly.

Billy and I watched Sunday Morning and Face The Nation and then I took a shower and got ready to go visit my Mom.  Unfortunately, my Dad had to work all weekend (again) but even though I missed spending time with him, I enjoyed spending time with my Mom and was glad to keep her company, as she often gets lonely on the weekends that Dad has to work.

Around 11:00 am, I drove to Prairie Grove to Mom and Dad’s house.  Mom had been preparing a delicious Asian salad for lunch with homemade dressing.  That was the perfect lunch for me, as I have been neglecting my salads lately and they are essential for my funky digestive system.

We decided to go for a walk before eating, which would give the salad dressing time to mix together well so the flavors would properly blend.  As I may have mentioned before, I have been trying to start exercising, in very small amounts, as the consequences of my sedentary lifestyle are starting to become evident and I know that change is necessary and healthy.  Mom’s doctor has told her that walking is the best thing for her vascular blockage, as well, but she has a hard time doing it very much due to sciatic nerve pain.  For that reason, we decided to do a short walk at the beautiful Prairie Grove Battlefield Park, which is extremely close to my parent’s house.  It was a sunny warm day and couldn’t have been more perfect.

Prairie_Grove_Battlefield_State_Park img_0048

After we finished our walk, we returned home and ate our delicious salads that were just perfect for a light, post-mini-workout lunch.

During lunch, I noticed that Mom had an awesome blue glittery fingernail polish on, which I LOVED and thought would look really nice with my blue sundress, if I have the energy to shave my legs so I can wear it this week.  LOL!  I know that sounds pathetic, but when you live with chronic pain and fatigue, seemingly simple things like shaving can become very difficult and tend to happen less often than we would like (spoons better saved for more important tasks).

Anyway, I asked Mom if I could borrow her nail polish and she (of course) offered to paint my fingernails AND toenails, which I graciously accepted.

Here is how they turned out (this isn’t the best photo but I do love the color of my nails).  🙂


After that, we had already planned for Mom to trim my hair.  It’s been well over a year (probably closer to 2 years) since my hair had been trimmed and it REALLY needed it in a BAD way.  The split ends were horrendous.  I hate to admit that I let myself go like that, but it’s just another one of the inevitable consequences of living with invisible, chronic illness and pain.  There never seems to be enough time, energy, or money for haircuts, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow waxes, and the like.  Luckily, my Mom used to be a hair dresser, many moons ago, before she became a nurse so she has the skills to help me out with my hair, nails, and eyebrows if I break down and ask.

We didn’t talk about how much we were going to cut off and I have to admit that I was a little worried when she said, “I hope Billy doesn’t get mad at how much shorter your hair is going to be.”  😉  Ha Ha!  I knew he wouldn’t be upset and I wouldn’t either.  Since my hair is all one length, and has been for an eternity, cutting even a fairly significant amount off always just makes it look more healthy.  It had gotten very long and we took around 4 or 5 inches off today.  I really love it.  It looks SO much better without the split ends.  She also plucked my eyebrows.  I used to get them waxed, because they are so thick and bushy, so plucking was a different experience but it really needed to be done and my brows look much better too.  I wish I had taken some before pictures but here is what it looks like now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After we finished with our mini spa day, I had to head home because I had promised Billy that I would have the car home by 3:00 pm because we recently purchased all of the supplies for a MUCH needed oil change.  Unfortunately, his pain levels did not cooperate so he was unable to change the oil.  Even warriors can’t win them all.

Instead of working on the car, we snuggled in bed for a nice afternoon nap.  I woke up feeling happy and thankful for my body’s cooperation today and knowing how blessed I am for the great day that I was able to spend with my family.  This is one of the moments where invisible illness and chronic pain have allowed me to take nothing for granted and to cherish every moment, always appreciating the small things that make life worth living.  🙂


❤ Wishing you all a pain free day ❤


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