Premio Dardos Award

I am honored to accept the Premio Dardos Award! I would like to thank Angie for nominating us for this award and hope that everyone will check out her site, NOT ANOTHER TALL BLOG.



  1. ENDO hope – This blogger shares her experiences of living and working with Endometriosis to help others, and to help with her own ability to cope with the pain and fatigue.
  2. LIVING WITH THE DEMONS – “A problem shared is a problem solved. Or at least a weight off the mind.”
  3. survivingendometriosis – “This is the story of my journey to overcome my incurable illness.  This is a story of hope.”
  4. LIFE COLORED BY PAIN – A 30 something year old woman who has many passions in life and who just happens to be a chronic pain patient.
  5. The Chronic and The Invisible – “My Journey Through – and Alongside – Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.”
  6. LIVING LIFE CHRONICALLY ANONYMOUS – “Who Am I? That you can not know. What Can You Know? I’m Anonymous. I’m A Poet. I’m A Daughter. I’m A Sister. I’m A Friend. I’m Invisible, just like millions of other people around the world. I’m Chronically Ill. I Am Me, And Wouldn’t Give That Up.”
  7. Positive Outlooks Blog – A sanctuary to promote positive thinking, offer inspiration and spiritual growth.
  8. overcomingpcos2015’s Blog – ” I found what has been tormenting me for over 10 years. And now I have the knowledge to overcome it. This is my diary. My new beginning, overcoming pcos.”
  9. The Many Faces of IC – “Having IC has been the most challenging thing I have faced. It has tested my patience, understanding, parenting, my role as a lover, and so much more. If I can reach out and help others in this and similar situations, it helps me feel that all the hell I go through is somewhat warranted.”
  10. Bloomin’ Uterus – “… helping any way possible to raise funds for various foundations and charities to aid in the research and development of treatments and, hopefully, one day a cure.”
  11. The Made Thing – “My blog is an exploration of self and learning about ways to enjoy life more.”
  12. Endo Struggle – “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”
  13. IDAHOBLUEBIRD50 – Mysteries galore, cozy, thrillers, suspense, PT, amateur, police, procedures, paranormal, cat, dog, and many others.
  14. Jessica’s Blog – “I am a businesswoman, I’m a publisher, a friend, an advocate, a survivor. And most of all, through it all, I am a writer.”
  15. All Our Lemmony Things – For when life hands you lemons.

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