Endo Fact of the Day – Day #17 & #18

We have achieved some great things this month, including the publishment of our 100th blog post, reaching a new total of 120 followers, and receiving 2 new blog award nominations (which I hope to post about this weekend)! We are so excited and grateful for all of this. 🙂

Thank you to all of our followers for reading, for sharing our posts, and helping raise awareness. I know that not all of our you have Endometriosis, so we appreciate you participating in Endometriosis Awareness Month by reading the daily facts we have and will be sharing throughout the month of March. We will be expanding our topics next month and maybe sprinkling some other posts in along with our daily facts for the remainder of this month too.

❤ Wishing you all a pain free day ❤

Endo Fact of the Day – Day #16

My apologies for getting a few days behind. I’ve been having terrible flare-ups for several days now, which (as many of you know) makes it very difficult to do anything,

❤ Wishing everyone a pain free day ❤