Endo Fact of the Day – Day #13

I am one of the unlucky Endo Sisters who have been diagnosed with IBS.  The first time I was diagnosed with it was many years prior to my Endometriosis diagnosis.  IBS is often a misdiagnosis in women with Endo because both conditions present very similar symptoms.  However, I suppose it is possible for a person to have both Endometriosis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Recently, I was diagnosed with IBS again, by a different GI specialist, who is well aware of my Endometriosis and quite knowledgeable on the disease (although somewhat behind the times on treatment options).  He did acknowledge that my GI symptoms could very well be a result of possible Endometriosis on the bowel and that there is a high chance that I also have adhesions and scar tissue on my colon in addition to my other abdominal organs.  Adhesions undoubtedly cause some of the GI symptoms that mimic IBS (or cause it, depending on your way of thinking).


Whether my IBS symptoms would resolve if all of my Endometriosis lesions could be successfully and permanently removed is unknown.

I will admit that the IBS medication has helped some.  I still suffer from horrendous GI issues but the medication seems to be blocking some of the pain signals that go along with the chronic rotating bouts of constipation and diarrhea, which can be debilitating at times, and for even a small amount of partial relief, I am thankful.


I have been in the early stages of an Endometriosis flare-up all week and today I lost the fight and had to stay home sick from work, which I HATE for many reasons.  In addition to the abdominal pain and crushing fatigue, it feels like my facial pain has morphed into something like a migraine headache so I wonder if it could be responding to my hormone cycles.

I stumbled across some research that has established a link between Endometriosis and migraine headaches.  Wouldn’t that be weird if my mysterious facial pain syndrome, that has been diagnosed as so many different things, was actually migraines all along?

I need to do some more research and give the idea some thought before I decide whether or not to bring it up to my doctor.  Going down that road would likely be expensive and time consuming, complete with lots of additional tests, procedures, and medication trials and errors.  If it worked and brought answers (and more importantly – relief), it would be worth it but if not, it would bring the painful sting of another failed attempt to get better and those become a little harder to swallow each time.


All of this makes me feel the need to spread awareness for this disease and all chronic pain even stronger because we all need and deserve an actual CURE.


  1. Yes it is possible to have Endometriosis and IBS. IBS is often cuase by gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. I had Endometriosis and Gluten Intolerance. I am now experiencing severe headaches. They have increased in the last month. When I went for tratment I went for treatments l’d be checked for heart attack and sent home. I gac.ve up and endure them. I finally getting some help. I find the information about migraines being associated with Endometriosis.

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  2. Glad you are still having a good quality of life. I’ve got endometrosis, adhesions, and IBS, along with a whole long list of invisible, chronic illnesses, Most likely caused by the auto immune disease that I’ve also, so kindly been blessed with! I am now on permanent disability, of which I hate and makes me very sad because I really enjoyed my job and all the people I worked with. I’ve always been a very social butterfly. I must say that the quality of my life has been forever altered. I’m working very hard, with a couple therapists and maybe one day, I can find something to do that makes me happy and gives me some sense of life. When you become so chronically ill, funny how people just seem to remember that you even exist. I look forward to following your blog. You seem to have a more positive outlook on life. I’m still learning how to do that. I’m a fighter, I will not give up even though that’s exactly what I feel like doing from time to time. Hope you’re having a great day. Take care. 🙂

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    • Hi! I’m so glad you found us! Learning to live with chronic illness and constant pain is definitely an ongoing battle for me too. My life is a constant work in progress. I try to keep a positive outlook for those around me when I can, but believe me, there are MANY times when I can’t and no longer have the will to try. Working with chronic pain is definitely the most difficult challenge of my life. There are so many days that I am positive I can’t keep going, but somehow I usually do. Of course there are also a lot of days (more than I would like) that I can’t go and have to call in sick, which makes me feel guilty and creates so much stress on top of everything else. My hubby is going through the disability application process right now. He was denied and then, of course, we appealed. The appeal was also denied so we now have a hearing scheduled later this summer in July. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough work credits to qualify for the type that is based off of previous employment and my income keeps us above poverty level, which will likely make him permanently ineligible for anything. I guess they don’t consider that our endless medical bills are more than two of my incomes could pay afford. He is really struggling with trying to accept the reality of never being able to work again. I know that must be terribly difficult, especially for those who enjoyed working. Chronic illness does teach us how to be fighters, that is for sure, and I am thankful to have found a way to network with other people who truly understand what we go through. Hope you have a great day too! 🙂


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