The War on Pain Medicine

This topic is very close to home for me and I strongly believe that the “war on drugs” has created a cruel, dangerous, and unnecessary epidemic of untreated and under-treated pain.

My husband and I lost a dear friend this weekend. He was a double amputee, suffering a horrendous infection due to diabetes complications. Even though he was in the hospital, in ICU, and everyone knew the end of his life was near, his pain was tragically under-treated to the point where he lie shaking, helpless, and unable to speak. Instead of treating him with the compassion that any living being deserves, they strapped him to his hospital bed, likely in an attempt to prevent self-harm, and forced him to suffer an agonizing death.

These unspeakable tragedies happen every day, as the DEA has instilled such fear in doctors and medical professionals, that many are now unwilling to provide adequate pain medication to those who desperately need it.

Those of us who live with chronic daily pain live in fear that the medications we need to achieve even a minimal quality of life will be taken away. This is wrong. It is unethical. I don’t understand how a doctor can take an oath to “do no harm” and leave patients suffering unimaginable pain when so many medications exist to lessen such agony.

Thank you to those who are speaking out against the abuse and neglect of chronic pain patients. We have to unite, stand strong, and fight for proper treatment to obtain and/or maintain the quality of life that we deserve.

The Many Faces Of IC

This is an excerpt of a conversation I was having with a fellow IC warrior. Too many of us still use negative words when speaking of pain medicine. ‘Narcotics’ is a very derogatory word, and only puts the bad vibe spotlight on the subject. The Government is FABULOUS at putting a negative spin on Pain medicine and it’s working. People immediately jump to ‘I don’t want THAT in my system!!!’ Just because the statement has been made before. We have to change the way we speak about pain medication and teach others the same.

Please consider, any medicine you take on a daily basis, like blood pressure medicine, shots for diabetes, and your antidepressants, all of those medicines your body is dependent on. Changing the way we talk about pain medicine will help fight for brothers and sisters who have no other option but to take these medicines. I advocate for…

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