Endo Fact of the Day – Day #1

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month.  This month we will be sharing lots of information, facts, stories, etc. to help increase much needed awareness for this disease.

We are lucky to finally have a month dedicated to Endometriosis, because there are still SO many myths and so much misinformation out there, much of it spread by those we trust the most, our DOCTORS, who should be well-educated on this disease which affects 1 in 10 women and an estimated 176 million women worldwide.  That is more than many other common conditions that have been well studied and ARE well understood, researched, and treated.

We need to fight for awareness, education, and make sure that the facts that we share are accurate so those affected are armed with the information that they need to obtain proper treatment and understand what is happening to their bodies and lives, which are greatly affected by this terrible disease.

We need to fight for more research and demand to be heard because if we remain silent, we may never find a cure.



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