Bon Voyage Mom & Dad!!!

Carnival Freedom

Today has been bitter-sweet as my parents arrived in Galveston, TX to sail away on the Carnival Freedom cruise ship for a well-deserved vacation.





I am so grateful that they arrived safely, because they were involved in a minor accident on the drive south near Houston, TX.  Apparently a truck driving in front of them was carrying a large box containing a water heater, which fell off into the highway.  Mom tried to swerve but couldn’t because there were vehicles in the lanes on either side of her car.  They collided with the water heater, which damaged her almost new, beautiful car but thankfully the damage was mostly cosmetic and there were no injuries.

As I’ve likely mentioned before, traveling is one of my passions and going on cruises with my parents have been the best days of my life.  We have been on 3 together and I cherish those memories like no others.

I am furious that chronic illness and pain has stolen my husband’s and my ability to share this precious time with them.  My heart literally aches from how sad I am that we are not there and how desperately I wish we were.

I am determined to go with them again.  Our last family cruise was in 2012 and my life’s goal is to get us well enough to join them within the next few years.

They work so hard and are the best parents a child could ever dream of having.  I know they wish we were there this year too but I am certain that they will have a wonderful time together.

💜💙💜 Wishing you all a pain free day 💙💜💙

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