FurBall Friday : Brach is NovaCat’s Hero

I woke up yesterday morning to our dog (aka moose) acting very strange.  He kept looking at me, jumping up in the window, wincing, and running around the house.

I couldn’t figure out why our normally calm pooch was acting this way so I began looking around the house for anything strange.

I soon found our eldest kitty, The Bitty Bit, curled up on her favorite spot; the warm dryer, while my clothes were fluffing for the workday.

Not long after, I noticed that our other kitty, NovaCat, was no where to be found.  I called for her over and over to no avail.

I raised all the window blinds and called her name a few more times, when I noticed a visibly frightened furball jump up on the window ledge OUTSIDE!

Our cats have been indoor only cats for years, ever since some cat killing dogs moved into the neighborhood and The Bitty Bit got lost for 16 days and lost all outdoor privileges.

At that point I realized that Brach was trying to tell me that something was wrong, that Nova was outside, and possibly in danger.

He has come to her rescue before, racing a pack of dogs who were chasing her, and running them off for her protection.  Despite her crazy antics, often rough-housing our gentle giant, with her claws and teeth, he loves her and protects her just as he does our whole family.

Brach is our four-legged hero and we love him. 🐾💞🐾

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