Mid-Month Endo Flare & Fatigue

I’m supposed to get a massage at 1:00 pm today.  I’ve been looking forward to it for days.  It’s one of the only things that eases my Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia pain which seems to originate in my neck from Degenerative Disc Disease, or so my pain specialist believes.

I had to miss work yesterday and don’t feel any better today.

I woke up to a stabbing, tearing, ripping pain in my lower left quadrant.  It feels like my ovary is stuck to my lower intestine and my GI doctor said it probably is, from either Endometriosis or scar tissue and adhesions.  Now I’m dealing with the gastrointestinal consequences and it sucks.

The fatigue takes my breath away.  When they say that Endo can cause fatigue as severe as that experienced by those with end-stage cancer, they are not kidding.  It is real.  I can barely move.  I have no idea how I’m going to take a shower, shave, and get ready for this massage.


  1. Well, I did it! There were a couple of times when I thought I was going to have to jump up off the table and run to the bathroom but thankfully I avoided such embarrassment. The latter half of my spa day plans didn’t happen. No hair trim. No eyebrow wax. My unsettled tummy just couldn’t take it. If I would remember to take the antispasmotics that my GI doc prescribed for my IBS like Endometriosis symptoms, I would fair much better with these kind of commitments. I took one on the way home so maybe I can avoid the bathroom for long enough to take a nap. Sorry for the TMI. So much of this stupid disease takes me to places that most wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing. I got over that though and just tell it like it is. Gross stuff and all. 😉


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