FurBall Friday (belated) : CAT Scan

Better late than never.  Here is our FurBall Friday post on Saturday.  I would definitely prefer this CAT scan to the ones I’ve had over the past few years.  😉

P.S. ~ We’re only 1 follower away from our goal of having 100 followers by the end of 2014.  So close!  Meeting this goal will be better late than never too and it looks like we’ll be there soon.  Thanks to everyone who has made it possible.  We are glad you’re here.

I’m hoping to find the time and energy to create new Facebook and Twitter accounts to accompany our blog in the near future.  😀  We hope you will join us there to help spread support and awareness for invisible illness and chronic pain.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Wishing you all a low pain level day!

💙💜💙 Invisible Pain Warriors 💜💙💜💙