Happy New Year!!!

I’m feeling unusually optimistic about the new year.  2014 was difficult for my family and myself.  Chronic illness and pain seemed to dominate our lives and it will likely continue to play a big part in the days to come in 2015.

Despite our challenges, I am ready to take back whatever parts of my life that I can and try to make the best out of this hand that we have been dealt.

I’m usually not one to set new year resolutions, but I feel that it might help me take control over a few things and improve our lives, if I set my mind to it and follow through.

Here are my resolutions:

1. Update my blog regularly. By regularly, I would like to try for at least one post per week in addition to my two weekly features.

2. Participate in exercise or yoga at least once per week. I know that doesn’t seem like much, and it isn’t, but my goal is to develop it into a healthy habit and expand it to twice per week and eventually three times. I think being realistic about the physical limitations that chronic illness and pain place on my ability to exercise will work out better in the long run, rather than trying to commit to an overwhelming plan that I can’t maintain.

3. Work harder on house cleaning. This is a real problem area for me. It’s pretty out-of-control at this point, so I think I’ll try to start by completing at least one extra chore per day. Anything counts. Hopefully by picking up some extra trash, doing a load of laundry, cleaning the toilet, or sweeping the floor, the little boosts of progress will add up and motivate the hubby and I to do more when we can and keep things a little more caught up so when the inevitable pain flare-ups arrive and prevent a daily chore from taking place, it won’t produce as much of a domino effect of messiness, as it does now.

4. Try to cut back on and eventually quit smoking. This one may not happen right away but I intend to start trying soon.

5. Transition back towards my preferred anti-inflammatory diet. Start cutting back on meat, dairy, and gluten. I also plan to start adding more juicing and smoothies into my diet routine.

There are a few more life improvement goals that I’ve been thinking about but those I’ve listed above are the most significant and important to me. I don’t want to set too many resolutions or set myself up for failure so I’m going to leave it at the top five for now.

I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season and enjoy less pain and better health in the new year.

💜💙💜 Invisible Pain Warriors 💜💙💜


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