Side Effects or Complications?

Thanks to “painsomnia” I am awake in the middle of the night so I thought I would report on a slight recovery set-back.

I was doing okay, eating/drinking clear liquids, until today.  Well, actually I ate half a bowl of tomato soup and two crackers last night without incident.

I guess having not eaten (except liquids) in 72 hours caught up with me because on a whim I decided to eat half a bowl of potato soup followed by about half a bowl of Moosetracks 🍦 ice cream 🍦.  I only have one word for this choice – MISTAKE!

Within an hour I was having terrible 😨 GI issues 🚽 and after finally falling asleep, I awoke from this dreadful pain around my pancreas that feels like someone stabbing me under the rib cage.  The pain bores through my stomach into my back and it’s pretty severe.

One of the problems with being on round-the-clock pain meds is that you never know how bad a source of pain really is.  I think I underestimated the original pain which eventually sent me to the doctor and led to my abnormal CT scan and subsequent ERCP.  Had I realized the severity sooner, I could have addressed a dangerous condition without playing Russian Roulette with my life and losing 40 pounds.

I really hope I don’t underestimate the recovery process pain and stay home when I should go to the hospital.  I’m really pretty careful about it though.  I did call the clinic on Friday and they reassured me that pain would be normal for a few days considering what my body had been through.  I just wonder if and when I will be able to eat again.

If can’t, the stent will never pass, and I will have to repeat the ERCP again to remove it. 💉 Hopefully I can avoid that scenario.

Thanks for allowing me to get my thoughts and fears out of my head and on digital paper.  It always makes me feel a little better.

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