100-Year-Old Woman Sees the Ocean for the First Time

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Ruby Holt spent most of her 100 years on a farm in rural Tennessee, picking cotton and raising four children.

She saw the ocean for the first time when she was 100… Very moving…

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Thanks to “painsomnia” I am awake in the middle of the night so I thought I would report on a slight recovery set-back.

I was doing okay, eating/drinking clear liquids, until today.  Well, actually I ate half a bowl of tomato soup and two crackers last night without incident.

I guess having not eaten (except liquids) in 72 hours caught up with me because on a whim I decided to eat half a bowl of potato soup followed by about half a bowl of Moosetracks 🍦 ice cream 🍦.  I only have one word for this choice – MISTAKE! Continue reading

Dead at 27

Bloomin' Uterus

26s16-emilia1-667__mngl_20120126ab5x018,nyh_1.indd_1658 Emelia

A Swedish friend of mind sent me an article about a Swedish gal, Emelia, who died in 2011 due to complications of Endometriosis, and (more importantly) the neglect of her physicians.  You can read it here, but unfortunately it’s all in Swedish.  Google translate gave me the gist of it (which you can read here).

Emelia was diagnosed with Endometriosis when she was 21 years old, among the usual places it was also found on her intestines.  In 2010 (she was approx. 26) she had been suffering from severe constipation (sometimes for periods of up to 10 days) which we well know is a symptom of Endometriosis.  Over the next nine months, Emelia saw 32 different doctors. That’s right…thirty-two.  Nobody could resolve her constipation, symptoms, or her pain. She sought referrals to an Endometriosis Clinic at the Uppsala University Hospital in the hopes they could help.  But…

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