I Did It!!!

Yesterday’s endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) was a success! I also had an EGD which revealed no stomach ulcers but the ERCP revealed that I do have I have sphincter of Oddi dysfunction and my pancreatic bile duct was completely blocked so they performed a sphincterectomy, sliced it open and inserted a stent. I had to stay at the hospital all day but they gave me a choice to be admitted or go home with my Mom (since she is a nurse) so I stayed at my parent’s house last night.


I did have a panic attack prior to the procedure and started crying like a baby, which was embarrassing, but no one treated me with any disrespect and it passed, ironically, just as I walked into the OR and got on the bed.


They had trouble bringing me out of the anaesthesia, which was also ironic because the initial fear was that I would be difficult to sedate but the opposite turned out to be true, which was fine with me. I was out for the count for the entirety of what is normally a 15-20 minute procedure but took an hour for me because they actually did 4 different procedures at one time.


Last night was rough, with bouts of stabbing pain but we’re hoping those are spasms in my pancreas due to the stent. I will be taking it easy for the next few days and should gradually transition off of clear liquids to soft food pretty soon. Now my body will be able to learn how to digest food and absorb nutrients! My GI specialist plans to tackle my lower GI issues next.


My doctor was great, as were all of the nurses and staff at WRMC, and of course my awesome parents who have been taking amazing care of me. Now, it’s about time to go home to my hubby and rest for the next few days.


Thanks to everyone for the continued thoughts, prayers, and positive energy. 💖


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