Blogging 201: Set Three Goals

As a relatively new blogger, when I discovered that WordPress would be offering the online course, Blogging 201, I knew I wanted to participate.

I am excited about participating in this course and hope that it will teach me some of the more detailed aspects of blogging that I may not yet be aware of, which will in turn enable me to help my blog evolve.

The course started yesterday and the first assignment was to set three goals.  My goals are simple.

  1. Publish at least one new post per week. Ideally, I would like to post two or more but I wanted to be realistic, given the fact that I am always juggling a busy work schedule, errands, doctor appointments, and chronic illness related pain and fatigue.
  2. Double my blog subscribers/followers by the end of 2014. Without counting my Twitter followers, I only have 24 so my year-end goal will be 48.
  3. Read and comment on at least one other blog post per day. I often do this already, but I wanted to include it in my goals to ensure that I follow-through with it.  Doing this will help build my network with other bloggers while reading material that I enjoy and supporting other bloggers in the process.

Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, or other recommended goals for my consideration during this learning process.  🙂